Wednesday, January 5, 2011

scarves. huge scarves.

if there is one accessory that this girl cannot live without, yup, you guessed it....
it's a big, cozy scarf.
you could even call it my security blanket.
whether i'm simply running out for a latte and a magazine in lululemon leggings, uggs and a parka; headed to class in combat boots, a maxi skirt and leather jacket; or out on the town in booties, leather leggings and a faux-fur cardigan.... yes, I am wearing a scarf.
it could be my tried-and-true military-green, thermal version from aritzia; a black infinity style from american apparel that goes with absolutely anything; a classic black and white houndstooth wrap from club monaco; or the newest [and current favorite] addition to the collection-
a massive cream, red and teal wool option from tna.
xx sammy

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