Wednesday, February 24, 2010


it's february- that dreary, cold, long mid-winter month, and i've been logging on more hours than usual on this mini laptop... perusing many a fashion blogs; online shopping sites; and fashion week photo albums.

first things first, i have made a few fabulous purchases this month: the most amazing booties that look vintage, but don't let them fool you (!), they're actually from aldo and could be yours too! the style is Pettinella, and they're a mix of victorian and edgy-ness. i've been sporting them with a variety of leggings, skirts, dresses- they really go with everything! i've also been stocking up on florals... let me tell you, florals will be everywhere this spring, including my body (be it aritzia leggings or tanks, or an adorable headband from free people) :) my mum sent me some beautiful Jack by BB Dakota and Dept items from Sweet Pea in Halifax... mum and my favorite friend/boss Joey indulged me with a bbm/photo-swapping shopping spree all via blackberry one recent saturday! lastly, the place i call heaven aka, has provided me with some items to daydream about until they arrive in may.....knee-high black cut-out, lace up gladiator sandals and the most glamourous black, floppy, hippie, Janis Joplin-esque hat.

i have to say, that when it comes to NY fashion week, i was most impressed by marc jacobs (duh), and burberry prorsum.
marc is a) super sexy, b) probably the most talented designer out there these days.
burberry a) has the most amazing ad campaigns with emma watson, b) made some of the most gorgeous dresses i have ever laid eyes on for fall 2010. want proof? here is kate hudson in a sparkling green mini (long sleeves, crew neck, super short: my favorite dress style at the moment); and ashley tisdale and in a black suede dress with lace sleeves that i am beyond in love with, not to mention some amazing cutout booties!

this month, i also discovered the most wonderful website: - not only can you make stunning collages full of shoes, chanel no. 5 perfume, dresses, custom fonts and can purchase everything that you use in your collages! the collages could simply make a beautiful desktop, profile picture, or even a business card. i'm obsessed. here is one of my pieces of work:

well lovers, as much as i love procrastinating my time away and writing on this fashion blog... fashion studies are calling my name as i have an exam in product knowledge tomorrow (not exactly my favorite class, as i have not a slight clue how to differentiate between fabric swatches; yarns; wefts; fibres; stitches and so on...), until next time...

sammy xx

Monday, February 15, 2010

favorite fashionista.

i simply cannot get enough of, nicole richie...

the girl has the most amazing glam boho/hippie-chic style, and if i could raid anyone's closet, it certainly would be hers.

she has been gracing the covers of many magazines this winter, and has also been pursuing a number of fashion projects. her House of Harlow 1960 jewelery line now includes shoes!!! excitement? yes. there are a few really cute pairs of moccasins, but this Tate shoe is my personal favorite:

now..... what excites me even more?? she has finally started designing her own clothing line, Winter Kate. i am beyond excited to put in a pre-order for at least one of her beautiful designs... i have done my research and have found one wonderful boutique in Toronto called Nyla, which will be carrying some of her who knows how many future indulgences may be in my future? it's hard to choose just a couple, but these are what i consider the must-haves from her spring collection

x x x x x

Sunday, February 14, 2010

new directions.

so, i decided to jump on the blog bandwagon.

today is valentine's day, and i am single. this is okay with me because i think every day of the year should be about showing the special people in your life just how much you love them. plus, who are we kidding? valentine's day is REALLY about eating lots of heart-shaped shortbread cookies, having brunch with your girlfriends, watching chick-flicks, drinking lots of wine, and going on shopping sprees (at least it is in my world!).

i just finished watching volume one of GLEE with my roommate, katrina. we are beyond obsessed. for everyone who has never seen this show, you must, and i mean must, run to hmv and buy the first season on dvd. you will not regret it. i don't think i've smiled so much watching a television show. it brings us great joy :)

anyway friends, my plan with this blog is to keep you up-to-date on my life, and display my love for fashion. as each day passes, i find myself getting more and more passionate about the fashion industry. i hope to post pictures of favorite outfits (some worn by celebrities; people on the street; or my own), upcoming trends and events, and any other lovely things i feel like sharing with you :)

lots of love
sb xx