Friday, April 23, 2010

SEX and the CITY 2.

you can only imagine my excitment... that the Sex and The City 2 movie premieres in little over a month!! this is a day that will soon require a precise countdown for all of us urban, downtown, fashionista, carrie/samantha/miranda/charlotte-loving ladies.... we can start dreaming about the shoes, the dresses, the headwraps (that seem to be making many an appearance atop carrie's pretty curly head- much to my satisfaction, being the hair accessories lover that I am), the gorgeous men, aiden's re-appearance, the styling, the desert scenes in sandy Abu Dhabi, the cocktails, the fabulousness of each and every one of the girls and lastly, new york city.

SKYY vodka has jumped on the trend, and for the first time in the history of the vodka brand, they have done a collaboration with Patricia Field (the SATC stylist). she has designed a gorgeous cityscape for the iconic royal blue bottle, and I'm sure many well-heeled ladies will be planning a visit, make that a sprint, to their nearest LCBO.

sarah jessica parker's newest perfume, SJP NYC, hit the shelves just in time for the release of the new film. the packaging dressed in style that even carrie bradshaw would approve of, is hot pink with splashes of zebra, paisley, feathers and the like. I went for a little sniff-test today (after I learned many useful facts on perfumes & scents in my cosmetics class), and I must say... my nose was happy! i'm sure the scent will be making an appearance in my condo soon enough.

SJP appeared beautifully on the cover of Vogue this month, how fitting. all six seasons of the dvd's have been re-released with new covers (i already have the pink velvet collection, so I guess I'm okay, for now, or at least until the discs are entirely worn out). a new book will reach our fingertips within mere days, titled, The Carrie Diaries... candace bushnell takes us back in time so we can see just how carrie became a writer, met the girls, and found herself in NYC.

my friends and I have already been planning events for the big night. cosmo's, sexy dresses and stiletto's, anyone? we'll have to keep our eyes open for early bird tickets, make sure our nails are manicured, our hair perfectly coiffed, and our outfits planned far in advance, of course. I'll be drinking my cosmo atop my balcony with some of my best girlfriends on the eve of May 28th....where will you be?

sammy xx

"it's been two years and in two years, amazing things can happen... things you think would never happen in a million years... just when you think you have seen it all - it hits you - you haven't seen anything yet! sometimes, you just have to get away with the girls".

Friday, April 9, 2010

LG fashion week.

it's been a long, long time my friends... i'm a busy lady- fashion never stops! however, i must make a post about my fashion week experiences:
  • Sunday, March 28: night I met up with Katrina Tuttle [my amazing designer friend from home in Halifax] at her hotel to peruse the pieces from her Fall/Winter 2010 "In Plane View" Collection. I helped her and a stylist to sort out which order the outfits would go down the runway, etc... then I went home for an in-home hair appointment with my lovely friend Tracy, who did a big hair change for me - BANGS! - and some fresh color, while also styling my roommate and my boyfriend's hair as well.

  • Monday, March 29th: my best friend Brittany Chappell arrives for a weeklong visit, and we do some fashion week shopping in Yorkville, get our brows done, go for mani/pedi's, and pick up some pizza and wine to settle in on the couch for some quality girl-time.

  • Tuesday, March 30th: I go for a Starbucks and a walk thru the Fashion District (Queen W) to browse my favorite boutiques - Charlie [where I purchased a cute white bracelet, white bandeau and a fabulous navy, silk, braided-back Aako dress], and Leigh&Harlow [where I found a white cotton, poufy floral accented one shoulder top]... then again, I head to Katrina Tuttle's hotel [with my best fashion friend Amanda, and my lovely roommate Katrina] to do final inspection on the runway looks, go over the accessories, shoes, etc. I met some of the models from Halifax, and went over all the chaos that would happen backstage the next day.

  • Wednesday, March 31st: SHOW TIME. I primp in the morning with Kat & Amanda, we go pick up some redbulls, and head to the LG Fashion Week location - the Allstream Centre. For the next few hours I steam garments, cut loose threads, fix hems, become a last minute hair model for the girls who'd be walking in Miss Tuttle's show, watch all of the celebrities of the Heart & Stroke Foundation show strutting around backstage (Joannie Rochette, the Canadian Olympic princess; Jessica Lowndes of 90210; comedian Caroline Rhea; and Tanya Kim of eTalk to name a few), follow Katrina Tuttle around as her shadow and try to take in as much as I can. When it's time for the show, we go backstage with the dressers to make sure everything goes seamlessly- dressing models, taping them in their garments, fixing their hair, putting on their accessories, lining them up, changing them into new outfits, yelling at the dressers to not zip or button anything (one decided to go ahead and zip, broke said zipper and we had to cover the model in a jacket last minute for her first runway look, then rip her dress off of her to get her in runway look two...crisis averted, phew), taping more, reassuring models they are stunning and not to be nervous, basically....running off pure adrenalin. A 17 minute long show, seemed like a short 2 minutes because there was literally no time to think. When all was said and done, the show was fantastic, Katrina got great reviews, and we were all happy :) Then I joined my best friends in the tents where we posed on glimmering gold couches, sat underneath of disco balls, watching the fashion elite of Canada wander around, drinking glass upon glass of white wine, getting our hair done at the L'oreal station, and having the time of our lives.

  • Thursday, April 1st: had a good group of girlfriends over to my condo for beyond sufficient quantities of wine, before heading to the Front Row @ Betsey Johnson show, at Liberty Grand. Suffice to say, we sat around getting pretty, drinking and chatting for too long and by the time we arrived, we had missed the main event. We danced for awhile, then went to Branthouse to meet up with some out-of-town MTV friends.

I had an amazing Spring 2010 Fashion Week experience! It was pretty surreal to be the Head Stylist for the Katrina Tuttle show, and I will be forever indebted to her for the opportunity.


In other fashion news, my studies at Humber are going fantastically, and I will be more than busy this month with 5 major projects, presentations, and final exams. In the next 2 weeks I will be choosing my courses for the Summer semester, which is quite exciting. You can catch me this upcoming Spring/Summer doing my assignments by the pool......sunnies on, drink in hand, working on my tan, and working on my future career ;)

xx sammy