Friday, March 19, 2010


could lauren conrad look any more ready for spring? so sweet.

terrific toronto.

this was a big week for fashion in toronto.

case in point:

-Jeanne Beker aka "The Most Important Woman in the Canadian Fashion World" interviewed Kelly Cutrone aka "The Bitchiest/Most Amazingly Fearless Woman in the PR Fashion World" at Indigo for her book release.

turns out Jeanne and Kelly are actually great friends.. they had some very lovely things to say about one another, and frankly, to hear Kelly speak so lovingly about someone else was precious. Ms Cutrone explained to us fashionistas in the North, how we should take advantage of having such a wonderful woman like Jeanne in our city.... she also enlightened the audience with quite candid tales of her life and how she made it into the industry, from explaining how she's not really a bitch in the office, "If I'm training girls for a fashion job and I say, 'you're not doing that right, fix it and get back to me', I equal a bitch...but for a man, well, let's make this Canadian... if you're a male hockey coach and you tell a player on your team, 'Suck it up and get the freaking puck in the net or you're on the bench!", he equals a good coach. How is that okay? I'm not a bitch, I'm just helping prepare them for their job".

She also had wise words for those wanting to break into the industry, and advised us all [whether we could afford it or not], to take all the unpaid internships we can get our hands on and to work at a bar or become a nanny on the weekends until we reach our career dreams. Hmmm, I've been in the bar scene for 6 years now, I'm ready for my career already!!!

Kelly waxed poetic when describing her personal life and style, "I believed in brands; in wearing clothes to look sexy, to attract a mate. I believed in marriage and in making babies; being a good cook and a whore in the bedroom, but now I'm 44 and I don't need a husband. My job is there for me everyday and gives me abundance, it doesn't cheat on me. I think now I look better with less makeup. It's more about self-image. Wear the clothes, but do not let the clothes wear you". Oh how I adore this woman.

last words, Kelly?
"I highly recommend sleeping with a lot of rock stars and just having a lot of sex. Oh, and do a lot of drugs". Amen.

-My idol slash the Most Fashionable Woman alive aka Sarah Jessica Parker was here on a visit to promote the Halston Heritage collection, for which she is the new creative director.

yes, SJP graced our city with her loveliness, and a big win for the Bay over Holts... Sarah Jessica promoted her new line for Halston Heritage, which will be carried at the Bay, and a few very lucky people got to have meet-and-greets with my icon. she wore 4inch Ferragamo heels and a long black, strong-shouldered Marchesa jacket over a purple Halston mini (but, of course). sadly, this budding fashionista was nowhere near her idol, SJP, but the fact that she made an appearance in Toronto was still exciting all the same

speaking of people who got noticed from a little tv showed called, The City, comes Olivia Palermo promoting her first celebrity fashion venture. the beautiful, posh and sometimes-snobby NYC socialite is debuting her partnership with New York jewelry designer, Roberta Freymann. The capsule collection is going to feature necklaces in the $175-$300 range, and quite honestly, they're very pretty.

i've always loved Olivia's style, as she's pulled together in only a way that screams "my hair and makeup stylists showed up at 5am to make me appear effortless, and naturally beautiful", or "my outfit cost $5000, could you pull this off?". regardless, she always looks stunning and while I probably won't be purchasing any of the sparkly creations, I'm sure she'll find success in this journey down jewelry- lane.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

getting the recognition she deserves.

this is an update from my Oscars post. sadly, this beautiful Toronto girl was left out of my best dressed, as I actually didn't see her during the show. however, the last few days I keep seeing her showing up on different fashion sites and I think she might have actually been my favorite, so here it is:

Rachel McAdams in a gorgeous watercolor Elie Saab gown:

Sunday, March 7, 2010


today is the biggest day in the 2010 awards season.... the Academy Awards. i ate my supper (curry pad thai- thank you joe!), took a shower, and got all bundled up on the couch with a notepad document open and ready to take notes on all of the beautiful Oscar gowns!

it was not a simple decision, but i managed to narrow it down to a top five...

1) Carey Mulligan in Prada- this quirky Best Actress nominee is beyond cute and edgy in her straplee black satin, jewel encrusted, cutout dress with black strappy pumps. she definitely wins as my top choice :)

2) Diane Kruger in Chanel Haute Couture- i had assumed all along that this Karl Lagerfeld muse would make a red carpet entrance in Chanel. her cream and black ruffly, tiered dress couldn't be more my style, and I would give anything to own this beautiful frock.

3) Sarah Jessica Parker in Chanel- the icon. gold Chanel with beautiful grey sparkling diamonds along her chest. draping around the neck. the token New York City girl looked gorgeous; with her hair pulled back in that signature big ballerina bun, her skin bronzed, she was almost looking a little Oscar-esque herself.

4) Zoe Saldana in Givenchy Haute Couture- the Avatar beauty wore a dress that i had actually seen in the list of Oscar prediction gowns, and i'm glad someone chose it. the top is stunning- lilac and shimmering; with an ombre effect gaining deep purple intensity and mass quantities of ruffles as it reaches the floor.

5) Miley Cyrus in Jenny Packham- a gold bustier-topped, perfect-for-a-princess gown. the dress suits the young star and with her hair pulled back in an effortless bun, and just the right amount of jeweled accessories, she exuded a youthful, yet glamorous glow.

and... honorable mention goes to:

-Sandra Bullock

-Maggie Gyllenhaal in Dries Van Noten

-Penelope Cruz in Donna Karan

-Kristen Stewart in Monique Lhuillier

so... I'm quite curious why Armani Prive dressed both Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Lopez so similarly, for one particular event- the biggest night in Hollywood. first, the material used for both of their dresses seems almost identical [resembling bubble wrap? probably not the most glamorous of fabrics!], and then there's the surprisingly similar color, and strapless, flowing silhouettes.. it almost seems like a case of two women showing up to an event in the same dress, but... not quite. while i normally love Seyfried, her hair/skin/dress all seemed too close in hue. as for Lopez, the camera just couldn't catch a great angle of her and this dress. thoughts?

and, my favorite fashionista Nicole Richie made an appearance, as her fiance Joel Madden was playing deejay for the event. she wore a glimmering Reem Acra, backless, sequined gown with long sleeves. she definitely was rocking an old-school vibe with her winged eyeliner, bun and unique dress.

lastly, my pick for best dressed male? zac efron looked beyond amazing at this year's oscars.

hope everyone enjoyed the show........i'm not quite sure who had the best speech, or who won what award, but hopefully you appreciated my take on 2010's oscar fashions.

sammy xx