Sunday, October 31, 2010

cabin fever.

planet blue cabin fever lookbook.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


top shop
s n o w q u e e n

Sunday, October 17, 2010

flying felines.

a magic cat tale [errr... tail]?

you can only imagine my delight when one of my favorite stores, aritzia, transformed their windows to display their beautiful new fall merch.... but then, i spotted kittens flying above the mannequins. kittens with angel wings? yes. it was a good day.

a blog post on the aritzia website explains that there is apparently an ancient mythical story about the adorable wing-adorned kitties.

long, long ago, there was one particular cat born with wings, sadly however, they were ineffective. story says, that while wandering in the woods one day, the cat came upon a woodland fairy, who cast a spell on the cat and blessed it with the ability to fly! flight was then passed on to all future generations :) forced to hide in a cave and seek protection from those trying to capture them, the cats must live their lives hiding in caves with their magical crystals [obviously used for special, secret super powers]............
rarely seen, these precious cats who possess the wings of angels have come out of hiding to grace the windows of aritzia boutiques across the nation.

well bloggers, i'm not entirely sure who discovered this story... but i'm going to pretend it's true...

xx sammy

Saturday, October 16, 2010

look of the day.

michelle williams [at her blue valentine premiere in london] is easily my pick of the day.
from her platinum swept hair, to the intense eyebrows, the flawless skin, and yes.... the most amazing red and nude lace dress.

she sure has come a long way since her days playing jen on dawson's creek.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

haute hippie.

if there were a brand that could embody everything that i possess in style, it would have to be haute hippie. not only does the brand's name perfectly suit all that i love about fashion, from beautiful haute couture that i can envy from afar [or in the FLARE fashion room], to vintage-inspired/hippie-esque pieces. if i had an unlimited credit card with my name on it, you can bet i'd log on to and order the entire haute hippie collection

look one is totally something you'd catch me in [check out the fur vest!].

look two is likely the most gorgeous evening gown i've spotted. and the fact that the model has topped it with a black leather jacket only proves my love for this brand even more.

look three is beyond stunning and makes me conjure up a fashion dream full of imagery, equal parts rustic country and posh victorian.

look four seems incredibly cozy and it's safe to say, i would happily wear this poncho every snowy, cold winter day.

i'm actually obsessed with look five: from the head scarf and fingerless gloves, to the sparkly cocktail dress completely brought down to earth by the brown leather belt and lust-worthy jeffrey campbell riding boots.

xx sammy

Saturday, October 9, 2010

fabulous fall.

[[[ five of my favorite fall looks ]]]
these five ladies deserve ample credit for pulling together beautiful autumn palettes with effortlessly chic outfits.





who are your favorites? which of these trends are you trying this fall? shorts and blouses? dark, rich hues? cozy cableknit textures? suede platform pumps?
xx sammy

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the perfect shopping companion.

yes, friends, it's back........
the perfect autumn drink - the starbucks pumpkin spice latte.

whenever i bundle up [in cozy layers and faux fur], and that crisp fall air hits me.... i know i need a pumpkin spice latte before i hit my favorite boutiques =)

i wander to my local starbucks [queen and john] and the smell of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling, that yes! fall is here!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

fall flare.

just thought i should let everyone know that FLARE's october issue is now out on newstands and you ought to pick one up for yourself :)

the beautiful Christina Hendricks [of Mad Men] is featured on the cover, in a stunning black and white gown and bold red lips... so you surely won't miss it in the sea of magazines.

last week I was lucky enough to attend an exclusive FLARE beauty sale at our office. all of the staff was invited for an hour time-slot where we could peruse every Dior mascara, MAC eyeshadow and Chanel blush that were scattered across an enormous boardroom table. we didn't have long to stash all of our must-have's in our shopping totes, and I thought I might have a minor fashion-induced panic attack. luckily, I made it through, and after making some lovely choices [I snapped up most of MAC's latest Venomous Villian's collection, along with some Lancome self-tanner, and yes...finally, the most perfect glam goth lipstick. I've been wanting oh-so-desperately to pull off a dark pout and been a bit anxious, so with the amazingly affordable price tag and all proceeds going to the "Because I Am a Girl" foundation, I eagerly added it to my beauty haul... I'll post photos of results soon!]

i hope you're all embracing the lovely fall weather, wherever you are, bloggers. this is indeed my favorite season for fashion! from the leather and lace; the leopard print and camel; faux fur, wool and cashmere; and of course the boots [mine are TopShop leather, camel colored combat boots, and Nicole Richie House of Harlow 1960 beaded moccasins] .... i get excited everytime i open a magazine, log into my email for daily updates from Who What Wear, or go for a stroll in Yorkville or the Queen West Fashion District. who am I kidding, I get excited just planning my outfits each evening for the following morning :)
here is a sneak peek at a photo from free people's october 2010 catalog. this company is known for their gorgeous catalogs, stunning styling techniques and beautiful boho-chic apparel. sometimes it feels as though they design their entire collections just for me :)