Wednesday, October 13, 2010

haute hippie.

if there were a brand that could embody everything that i possess in style, it would have to be haute hippie. not only does the brand's name perfectly suit all that i love about fashion, from beautiful haute couture that i can envy from afar [or in the FLARE fashion room], to vintage-inspired/hippie-esque pieces. if i had an unlimited credit card with my name on it, you can bet i'd log on to and order the entire haute hippie collection

look one is totally something you'd catch me in [check out the fur vest!].

look two is likely the most gorgeous evening gown i've spotted. and the fact that the model has topped it with a black leather jacket only proves my love for this brand even more.

look three is beyond stunning and makes me conjure up a fashion dream full of imagery, equal parts rustic country and posh victorian.

look four seems incredibly cozy and it's safe to say, i would happily wear this poncho every snowy, cold winter day.

i'm actually obsessed with look five: from the head scarf and fingerless gloves, to the sparkly cocktail dress completely brought down to earth by the brown leather belt and lust-worthy jeffrey campbell riding boots.

xx sammy

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  1. I have to agree with all of your comments in regards to your personal style. It's as if the line was created just for you :)