Sunday, October 17, 2010

flying felines.

a magic cat tale [errr... tail]?

you can only imagine my delight when one of my favorite stores, aritzia, transformed their windows to display their beautiful new fall merch.... but then, i spotted kittens flying above the mannequins. kittens with angel wings? yes. it was a good day.

a blog post on the aritzia website explains that there is apparently an ancient mythical story about the adorable wing-adorned kitties.

long, long ago, there was one particular cat born with wings, sadly however, they were ineffective. story says, that while wandering in the woods one day, the cat came upon a woodland fairy, who cast a spell on the cat and blessed it with the ability to fly! flight was then passed on to all future generations :) forced to hide in a cave and seek protection from those trying to capture them, the cats must live their lives hiding in caves with their magical crystals [obviously used for special, secret super powers]............
rarely seen, these precious cats who possess the wings of angels have come out of hiding to grace the windows of aritzia boutiques across the nation.

well bloggers, i'm not entirely sure who discovered this story... but i'm going to pretend it's true...

xx sammy

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