Wednesday, January 5, 2011

two-thousand and eleven colors.

if you want to get a head start on planning your spring wardrobe, the first thing you can consider is color. there are going to be lots of options this s/s 2011, but one thing is for sure.... unlike the simple, monochromatic color palettes of the past, this spring we'll be seeing some color!
[feminine. soft. honeysuckle.]
pale yellow
[sunny. warm. buttery.]earth tones
[natural. sand. rust.]blue
[relaxing. cool. soothing.]orange
[vibrant. juicy. punchy.]white
[classic. effortless. clean.]
is a spring/summer staple year after year.

what colors will you be wearing? i'm guaranteed to have tons of white and earth-tones in my closet [that's a given all year-round], but if i am going to add a burst of color.... i think i'll be testing the pale yellow and blue trends. i've never been much of an orange or pink girl, so i think i'll stick to what i know works best with my hair color and skin tone :)

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