Saturday, January 1, 2011


the december issue of Lucky magazine featured a special article on the 100 fashion and beauty tips their editors live by.
i've chosen the twenty tips i think are absolutely crucial to survival- either because i live by them myself or i now feel it necessary to pick them up.
1- beachy waves are always sexy
2- braids are sexy, cute, and the only acceptable form of pigtail
3- an ultra-pale pedicure makes your feet look tanner. same with silver.
4- self-tanner makes you look instantly thinner and well-rested.
5- no beauty product can do for you what eight hours of sleep can.
6- thong underwear is not a necessity under most clothing.
7- shop for boots in august before they sell out.
8- black opaque tights make everyone's legs look good [and can look great through open-toe shoes, but nude tights never will].
9- roll your clothes when packing, do not fold.
10- never go on a plane without a huge scarf.

11- most useless advice from a salesperson: "you can wear it with jeans".
12- things that look crappy on a hanger could look gorgeous once you put them on.
13- black will always be the new black. anyone who says otherwise is selling something.
14- cigarette pants with flats will always make you look feminine.

15- if shoes are only marginally comfortable when you try them on in the store you can be sure they'll be excruciating on the street.
16- if you invest in a chanel bag, you will carry it for the rest of your life.

17- buy clothes that you'll wear on a tuesday afternoon, not a saturday night- few people lead saturday-night lives.
18- pairing a boyish piece with a girly one will make you look like you know how to dress.
19- your bra straps can show; your underwear straps never should.
20- a leather jacket always looks great with a party dress.

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