Saturday, January 1, 2011

olivia palermo: new york city fashionista.

olivia palermo: budding fashion icon.
she may not have the most sunny demeanor and she certainly has no qualms making frenemies, but the girl can dress.
olivia has easily become one of two-thousand ten's best dressed stars. she consistently frequents the pages of fashion magazines and is a regular on fashion blogs.
she's known for her skills in mixing high and low-end pieces, couture and vintage;
using a statement necklace for extra oomph and making every single outfit seem utterly effortless.
she sports froufrou frocks with the a-list crowd at lavish soiree's, and struts the streets of manhatten in leather pants, ballet flats and of course, an hermes birken bag.
fashionably speaking....
can she do anything wrong?

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