Sunday, November 21, 2010

feather skirt.

the incredibly coveted "clarice" skirt by club monaco shall soon be mine!

my lovely friend [who works for cm] showed me their holiday lookback back in the humid days of summer, and ever since i've been lusting after this piece. the second sign i needed it? when my boss at flare had it brought in for christmas shopping guide and made it clear that every fashionista needed this in her wardrobe.

so, come october i got an email from club monaco saying the skirt would be in select stores. i quickly ran to the bloor street location and sadly enough, it was not yet available in canada. i impatiently waited another month, and yes, it finally was available to us up north.

now wait, surely after such desperate measures, it could not be so easy. only the eaton centre location was lucky enough to stock this beautiful feathered dream, and i soon got a text from said lovely friend mentioned earlier, and only size zero's were left. what could i possibly do now?

i scoured online and found that shopbop was carrying the skirt, although i really did not want to pay in american dollars, along with added shipping costs, the lack of cm's 20% student discount and the fact that it may not fit upon arrival.

my last possible option..... i went to the queen west location and had them do a country-wide search. ah-ha! one left in my size in this enormous country i call home. a store in quebec has one and is shipping it to me this week!! finally! my hard work has paid off :)


  1. haha as in all things..hard work does pay off :)

  2. love it sammy! wish i was your size to borrow!