Saturday, August 21, 2010

fall forecast.

hi bloggers! i've been slacking a little bit lately - (sorry!!) but it's summer and i've been a busy lady!
with that said, i think it's best to discuss what comes after summer.... that being, my favorite fashion season of them all: autumn.
finally we can free ourselves from the horrible smog, the heatwaves, the sticky sweat. it's almost time to layer! to wear cute jackets! to put our boots back on and tuck our leggings and tights in them! the colors get darker and the materials get cozier!
i'm sure not all of you are with me on this one, but for all of my fashion friends, i know they agree, fall is the most fabulous.

topping my list of finds for fall two-thousand and ten are:
-a badass, yet girly pair of combat boots (come on, they will go with absolutely everything!)

-long sleeve crop tops (keeping the cropped trend alive, but making it a bit more accessible to those cooler temperatures that will soon be upon us)

-faux fur (i've got my eye on a beautiful faux fur vest from club monaco, once their f/w stock hits the floors)
-fringe bags (picked myself up a black vintage one in halifax, that is covered in not only fringe, but tons of gold and silver studs)

-comfies (yup, leggings -leather or cotton-, trousers and harem sweats are back my friends)

some ladies that i feel deserve some recognition for their stylish ways as of late are:

lo bosworth - working a long sleeve tee in with her summery shorts and wedges

lauren conrad - keeping with the summer mini, but the super long sleeves and army green hue make it perfect for fall

rachel bilson - cropped tee and slouchy pants couldn't look cuter

jessica szhor - stunning in her white skinnies, wedges and amazing peacock earrings

lastly, head mistress (a toronto based company that specializes in fashion forward accessories - anything from hippie head bands, fur cuffs or feathered hair clips), has debuted their f/w 2010 line and it is full of faux fur!! my personal favorite is the edgar lake faux fur headband. girls of toronto: you need to get your hands on one of these super cute pieces before they're all gone... you've been warned.

sammy xx

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